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We are committed to achieving excellence and professionalism in our business and strive to obtain the trust of all our partners. The reputation we have gained in the past by applying the highest standards and pursuing professional and ethical principles in our business contributes to better attracting and maintaining companies.

Customer Testimonails
The Message

We at the Middle Center -MEC, put our partners in the forefront of our interests, so we understand and characterize their needs and analyze them, and we do not provide an effort to provide them with high-quality services (measuring, calibration and energy services) according to the international system of approved standard specifications. This provides a high competitive capacity for the Syrian product and facilitates trade internally and externally.

Customer Testimonails
Who Are We

Middle East Center -MEC is a modern, professional organization specialized in providing the best services in the field of measurement, calibration and energy services, relying on the best equipment and the most reliable and internationally approved standards, to cover and meet the needs of the various business / engineering, industrial, commercial, and service sectors.

Customer Testimonails

  • Meet the customers' need for services, and raise the competitiveness of the Syrian product by building and developing quality infrastructure, by establishing and using measuring devices during the production process or during the receipt and delivery of various projects.To spread awareness to manufacturers, consumers and the business sector.
  • Strengthening the legal personality of the center and raising its efficiency and performance, through planning and responding to changes.
  • Achieving the requirements of sustainable development through disseminating the concepts of energy conservation and the environment, and the use of renewable energies.
  • Enhance the confidence of Syrian engineers and enable them to study, implement and receive engineering projects with professionalism and professionalism.
Customer Testimonails

  1. Measuring saves structure, reduces waste, eliminates clutter, ensures open and fair markets, supports accuracy when required and saves lives, money and time.
  2. Crossing into the future through institutional building.
  3. Experience that supports excellence.
  4. Success does not deserve to be a goal, because it is a journey, not a stop.

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