The Middle East Center(MEC) has successfully provided its various services(Measuring, Trainging, Supplying measuring devices, ...) to many clients in the public and private, sectors.Below is a list of the most imporant clients of the center:
International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) General Organization of Radio and TV - Syria
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Atomic Energy Commission of Syria (aec)
Action Against Hunger (AAH) Industrial Research & Testing Center (itrc)
ASIA Pharmaceutical Industries Ministry of Electricity – Damascus Electrical Company
AVENZOR for Pharmaceutical Industries Ministry of Electricity – Rural Damascus Electrical Company
Ultra Medica Pharmaceutical Industries Ministry of Electricity – National Energy Research Center (NERC)
Miamed Medical Solutions Ministry of Electricity - Banias Generating Company
Medico Labs Pharmaceutical Products Ministry of Electricity - Mahrda Generating Company
Everest Co. for Refrigerators Syria Ministry of Electricity – Hama Electrical Company
Saint Louis Hospital ( Damascus) Ministry of Electricity – Elswidaa Electrical Company
Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) Ministry of Electricity – Lattakia Electrical Company
The International Bank for Trade & Finance (ibtf) Ministry of Industry – Adra General Organization for Cement
Syria International Islamic Bank (sib) Ministry of Local Administration and Environment
Al-Baraka Bank Syria Ministry of Tourism
National Systems Communications & Computers (NSCC) Ministry of Finance
Security & Safety Solutions s.a.r.l Al-Assad University Hospital - Damascus
Eastern Telecom Services (ETS) Al-Basel Heart Surgery Center - Damascus
Master Key Engineering (MKE) Al-Basel Heart Surgery Center – Aleppo
Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems Co. National Standard & Calibration Laboratory (NSCL)
MTN Syria Central Bank of Syria
Syriatel Mobile Telecom Commercial Bank of Syria (cbs)
ASAS Contracting Ltd. Syrian Engineers Association - Damascus
HESCO Engineering & Construction Co Syrian Engineers Association – Rural Damascus
ARFADA Petroleum Private Joint Stock Company Syrian Engineers Association - Homs
Deir Ezzor Petroleum Company Syrian Engineers Association - Aleppo
LEAD Contracting & Trading Ltd. Syrian Engineers Association - Lattakia
Unico Petroleum – Syria Syrian Engineers Association – Al-Raqa
ElSEWEDY Electric – Syria Syrian Engineers Association – Deir Ezzor
Syrian Modern Cables (SMC) Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
Metal Manufacturing Company (HADED MMC) Ministry of Defense – Central Calibration Laboratory
Balkis Cerammic Industry Syrian Telecom
S. U. Solaric General Organization of Remote Sensing
Damascus University – Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering General Organization for Social Insurance
National Sugar Company Directorate of Environment – Rural Damascus
Higher Institute for Scientific Studies & Research Ministry of Health – Directorate of Drug Control