To enhance early detection of problems in advance, and the ability to analyze the building defects detection, a very modern technology has been adopted by means of infrared (IR) technology, with high specifications (thermal imaging).


The thermal imaging service provided us with access to a reference value during the normal operation of systems and equipment (mechanical and electrical), to compare them when an abnormality or abnormal change occurs in the work of these systems. The thermal imaging service is based on the thermal camera device which is characterized by fast performance, high operating safety and accurate measurement. Thermal imaging is one of the most important pillars of the Predictive Maintenance implementation in industrial plants. Thermal imaging is classified as a non-destructive test (NTD).
The Middle East Center provides thermal imaging service by means of thermal camera of all kinds in the area of diagnosis, research and predictive maintenance of industrial, commercial and service facilities, in addition to electrical equipment in the conversion, distribution and power transfer centers in the electricity companies, where detection and diagnostic service is available for each of:
  • Transfer Centers
  • Electrical feeding panels
  • Electric motors
  • water pumps
  • PV malfunctions
  • Solar water heating systems (SWHs).
  • Poor insulation of boilers and ovens
  • Poor insulation of steam and hot water pipes
  • Steam traps
To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the Middle East Center is distinguished by:
  • Measuring devices used from the most famous companies in this field.
  • Trained and specialized team to lead the measurement and examination operations, and analyze the results
  • Issuing highly professional reports using advanced software.
  • An approved procedure for each measurement
  • Most measurements are made according to international standards and specifications.
The center performs thermal imaging tests according to the adopted international standards: )ISO 18436: 7(