The earthing system is necessary for the safety and security of people and equipments and it is important as a preventive process to avoid the dangers of lightning strikes and static electricity or in case of any power transmission lines failure or fault current.


“The main goals of earthing systems:
  • Safety of people and equipments
  • Avoiding the presence of electric potential difference
  • Providing a reliable reference value that provides high-quality signals without any interference
The middle east center provides the service of measuring earthing resistance in all methods (stack-less, with stakes, soil resistivity) whether the circuit is live or dead through:
  • Earthing resistance test
  • soil resistivity test
  • the center also provides the service of study and designfor different earthing networks which include:
  1. TN-C systems
  2. TN-S systems
  3. TT systems
  4. IT systems
To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the Middle East Center is distinguished by:
  • Measuring devices used from the most famous companies in this field.
  • Having a trained and specialized team to lead the measurement and examination operations, and analyze the results.
  • Issuing highly professional reports using advanced software.
  • An approved procedure for each measurement.
  • Most measurements are made according to international standards and specifications.
The center performs earthing resistance tests according to the approved international standards
-IEC 60050-195:1998:
International Electrotechnical Vocabulary - Part 195: Earthing and protection against electric shock
-IEC 364-7-707:
Electrical installations of buildings. Part 7: Requirements for special installations or locations.