As a result of the increasing demand for energy and the failure to ensure the continuity of nutrition from the electrical grid side, the PV systems have gained new momentum in terms of their increasing importance and need in each of the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. This was accompanied by the necessity to evaluate the performance of these systems and their components, their maintenance and their conformity with the declared specifications.


The Middle East Center (MEC) provides services in this field to includes:
  • Conduct measurements on the photovoltaic panels to test their performance, safety, and conformity with both technical and standard specifications, in accordance with IEC standards.
  • • Performing a performance test for the entire PV system (solar panels, batteries, charger, inverter), and ensuring their effectiveness during the initial and final project receipt, or during periodic or emergency maintenance operations, and to make possible recommendations to raise the efficiency of the system.
To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the Middle East Center is distinguished by:
  • Measuring devices used from the most famous companies in this field.
  • Having a trained and specialized team to lead the measurement and examination operations, and analyze the results.
  • Issuing highly professional reports using advanced software.
  • An approved procedure for each measurement.
  • Most measurements are made according to international standards and specifications.
The Middle East Center (MEC) performs the tests of the PV systems in accordance with the following approved international standards:
  1. IEC 62446-1:2016. Photovoltaic (PV) systems - Requirements for testing, documentation and maintenance - Part 1: Grid connected systems - Documentation, commissioning tests and inspection.
  2. IEC 61829:2015. Photovoltaic (PV) array - On-site measurement of current-voltage characteristics