The power quality is concerned with providing electricity supply with a voltage and current wave that are free of harmonics and transients so that the voltage and frequency values are constant during operation, besides achieving the appropriate active and reactive power without losses or breakdown in the equipment, and operating these equipment safely and reliably. This is done through a combination, includes all requirements to perform the measurement through the Power Quality Analyzer. As a result of the major industrial development and because of different patterns of non-linear loads in one facility, and the resulting of poor quality, whether from the supply side or at the end user which leads to breakdowns in electrical installations and systems, it is necessary to study and evaluate all important electrical parameters in industrial and service facilities.

The Middle East Center provides the following detection and measurement service:
  • Electrical loads for equipment and installations. (Energy Studies - Load Studies)
  • Over Load
  • Unbalance of three phases loads
  • Component Load Percentage Imbalance
  • Poor Power Factor
  • Harmonics
  • Transients
  • Poor Voltage Regulation - Dips - Swells - Voltage Unbalance – overvoltage – undervoltage - voltage fluctuation and flicker
  • Electrical meters test
To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the Middle East Center is distinguished by:
  • Measuring devices used from the most famous companies in this field.
  • Trained and specialized team to lead the measurement and examination operations, and analyze the results.
  • Issuing highly professional reports using advanced software.
  • An approved procedure for each measurement.
  • An approved procedure for each measurement.
  • Most measurements are made according to international standards and specifications
The center performs tests for the electrical network in accordance with the approved international standards:
	 EN-50160 / IEC-61000-4-30 / IEC-61000-4-15